Amy Zenizo, L.M.

Licensed Midwife

Amy Zenizo is a Licensed Midwife practicing home birth in Tucson, Arizona. She holds a Master's degree and is licensed by Arizona Department of Health Services. She has been practicing midwifery for over 20 years (since 1995). She works with low-risk mothers who desire a natural birth in the comfort of their own home.

Working with growing families to establish the parameters of low risk is a way that Amy is able to help women through the birth process. If complications arise, she assists the family with decisions to keep everyone safe. 

Amy also supports women who chose water birth as an option. For many couples this is a calm and comfortable way to experience birth.

Her philosophy is based on informed consent, meaning she will inform each family of all the risks and benefits to certain procedures and then, as a team, they decide what the best choices are for each family. She advocates and supports breast feeding, providing the best nutrition for baby, as well as the healthiest choices for mothers to heal after the birth.

Amy engages in research and develops her practice through her experience with other cultures. She has traveled to many other countries to visit and learn from midwives. She enjoys seeing how other cultures practice sharing her practice with international midwives as well. 

"All mother's should have the opportunity to experience the birth they envision."

Amy holds in high regard the Midwife Model of Care
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